“Unfriend” is Word of the Year 2009

picture courtesy of Ask Dave Taylor

I always thought the word was “defriend” but it appears I was mistaken. Oxford Dictionary has named “unfriend” the word of the year for 2009. Proof that even on such a friend-filled site like facebook, you can still get rejected!

Scot Brown, however, seems to think that “unfriending” is the least of our worries. Check out his article in Wired Magazine for more.

Have you ever been unfriended? “How did that make you feel?” asks the psychiatrist! 🙂

  1. Christine’s avatar

    Wow! I hope that I am not unfriended in 2010!!


  2. Nancy DeValve’s avatar

    I almost clicked on “unfriend” because I don’t even know that guy and I couldn’t figure out why a facebook dialogue box popped up randomly on a blog. Wow. I get confused easily!!!! I just got a note from your wife and decided to check out your blog. I did not know you both graduated from Cedarville where our kids are now. Congratulations on having a book published. I shall have to get a copy of it!


    1. purposebeyondpain’s avatar

      🙂 you mean you don’t want to be friends with Klaus anymore? Poor guy.
      Thank you, Nancy, for your work in Niger. Please continue to keep us posted on what is going on there.



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